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RoboCup 2007 Atlanta On-Campus Housing

We offer two styles of on-campus housing: Traditional dorm rooms and apartments. Both types of housing include air-conditioning, wired Internet and telephone. Wired internet connectivity requires an ethernet cable. Wired phone service for local calls is also available, but visitors must provide a telephone.

Traditional dorm rooms include two beds and two desks. A shared bathroom is available down the hall. Beds for one person are available at $35 per night. Average room size is 172 square feet (16 square meters). See an example floorplan. Learn more about traditional rooms.

Apartments provide a roomy and relaxed environment. They include four private bedrooms (one person each) that adjoin a shared livingroom and kitchen. There are two bathrooms in each apartment, each bathroom is shared by two bedrooms. The kitchens are not equipped with utensils, dishes or silverware. These apartment bedrooms are available at $50 per night. Average private bedroom size is 91 square feet (8.5 square meters). See an example floorplan. Learn more about apartments.

Legal note: Our housing options are for one person per bed. This is a legal and safety requirement in the state of Georgia, and this requirement will be strictly enforced.

Important: Each bed or bedroom must be reserved for a separate person, and each name must be entered (one at a time) below. So, for example, if you want to purchase housing for two people, you must enter one person's name and information below, click "add to cart," then return to this page and enter the next person's information.

RoboCup On Campus Housing
$35 to $50 per night depending on room type

Room Type:
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