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Instructions for Invoice Request

If you cannot register using PayPal, we can issue an invoice to you and accept a credit card or wire transfer for payment. There is a $25 fee for this service.

Please follow these steps to request an invoice:

  1. Get a unique invoice code. Click the link at left to have our server create unique 5 letter code for your invoice. Please write this code down and enter the same code on each web form for all registration items that you would like to appear on one invoice. The unique code will help us collect the items you enter for the invoice we create for you. Please use the code our server generates for you (don't make up your own code).

  2. Select items for purchase. Please follow the instructions on the registration page to select the various items necessary to register your team. It is important that each team member be entered separately so we have all of their names on file.

    If you make a mistake while entering your registration information, don't worry. Tell us about by email, and we will correct the error.

  3. Request invoice. Finish by providing information about where the invoice should be sent.

  4. Send us an email. Please send us an email as backup, with the following information:

    • Invoice code (from step 1 above):
    • Name of point of contact:
    • Email for point of contact:
    • Name of bank from which funds will be wired or credit card type:
    • Team name:
    • Country:
    • League:

  5. We will email an invoice to you in .pdf format. Please follow the instructions on the invoice to complete payment. Once we receive payment we will send you a receipt.

Terms and Refund Policy


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