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RoboCup 2007 Atlanta Meals

Buffet style meals are available at the Georgia Tech cafeteria near the dormitories used for on campus housing.

Meals will reflect traditional american cuisine (not spicy): chicken, fish, beef, hamburgers, pizza, pasta and so on. Vegetarian options will be available for each meal.

Two meals are offered each day: breakfast and dinner. Please select the days you would like a meal plan:

All Dates: June 30 - July 11: 22 meals. First meal is June 30 dinner, last meal is July 11 breakfast. Covers RoboCup Competitions and Symposium.

Competition Dates Only: June 30 - July 9: 18 meals. First meal is June 30 dinner, last meal is July 9 breakfast.

Symposium Dates Only: July 9 - July 11: 5 meals. First meal is July 9 breakfast, last meal is July 11 breakfast.

RoboCup Meal Plan
$48.00 to $216.00 depending on dates

Meal plan dates:
Participant Name:

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