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RoboCup Competition VIP Spectator Tickets

Spectator tickets provide access to all RoboCup venues, including senior and junior league competitions. Two types of tickets are available: Preliminary Round tickets that are valid July 3-6, and All Dates tickets that are valid July 3-8. Additional general admission seating may be available on site at the door.

Note that those who register for the RoboCup Symposium are also provided acess as a spectator. Some may prefer to register that way.

Spectator tickets are transferable.

Please enter your name and affiliation as you would like it to appear on your badge below.

VIP spectators will be provided credentials (badges) during registration in Atlanta in July.

RoboCup Competition VIP Spectator Ticket
$100 All Dates: July 3-8
$40 Prelims: July 3-6

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